Importing From Previous List

It is possible to import all of the names from one list to another. The usual time to do this is when creating a new list, and importing last year’s names to it. For example, when creating a Christmas 2019 list, you will probably want to import the names from the Christmas 2018 list.

If you are running iOS 13, you can do this by long-pressing on the list you want the names to get imported to, and selecting Import from Other List.

If you are running an iOS before iOS 13, then to achieve this, go to the screen showing the lists. Then, tap the import button on the right-hand side in the same row as the list into which the names are destined. For example, if you want to import the Xmas Work 2019 names into the Thanksgiving 2019 list, tap the button beside the Thanksgiving 2019 list.

Import Button screenshot

Whichever of these 2 methods you use, the next steps will be the same.

In the next screen, select the Xmas Work 2019  list, and tap the Import button at the top right.

import list screenshot

The Thanksgiving 2019 list will then contain all of the names in the Xmas Work 2019 list, but all names will show as not having a card sent to or received from.