Removing Names From List

Since version 7.0, there are three ways to remove a name from a list.

As with previous versions, you can remove a name from a list by simply swiping right-to-left across the name to be removed.

This will reveal a red Remove box – tap to remove the name.


NOTE: Removing a name from a list will NOT remove it from your Contacts.


Note: in version 6.10 and before, the above description and screenshot talked about Deleting the name from the list. This has been change to Removing the name as this is a more accurate description of what you are doing. This process will Remove the name from the list you have selected. It will however stay in the database, including any other lists it might be a member of.

The second way to do this is to tap on the person’s name, and then tap the Remove ¬†From List button.

If you are running iOS 13 or later, you can use the third method. Long Press on the name to be removed, to display the context menu. Then just tap on Remove From List.

Note: the Delete From App button on the middle screenshot, and the Delete From Database button on the last screenshot, will delete the person from the database completely. You should think seriously before doing this. Once deleted, all of the information for that person will be lost. Of course, there are times when this might be very appropriate, such as when the person passes away etc.