Deleting Multiple Names From List

You can remove or delete several names from a list by entering the Edit mode.

Once the list has been selected, tap on the Edit button on the top-right.

You can then select the names to be removed/deleted by tapping on the little checkbox to the left of each name. You can also select (or deselect) all of the names using the multi-select checkbox on the bottom-left.

Once you have selected the names, tap on the trash-can button. A popup menu will then appear.

You can remove the names from the list, or delete from the database. If the name(s) is on other lists apart from the one selected, and you want it to stay on those lists, then can can select Remove from List. If the name(s) is just on this list, or you are happy to remove from all lists, then you can select Delete from Database.

When you have completed the changes, don’t forget to tap on the Done button at the top-right.