Why do the names and addresses not fit on my labels?

The app produces a pdf file with the names and addresses in the correct position for all of the labels sheets. However, in some cases, the program used to print the labels on the users computer (if the pdf file was emailed to the computer), or the printer settings themselves, scales the file resulting in the names and addresses not being in the correct position for the labels. Usually, the setting are such that the pdf file is scaled down i.e. made smaller. The symptoms would then be that the first row or rows of labels would be ok, but the remaining rows fail to line up.

What to do about this? You need to ensure the settings do not scale the pdf file. there is more information about this here – Ensuring addresses fit in labels


How can I change the text size on the labels?

Actually, users cannot change text size. The reason for this is as follows. The way the names and addresses appear on the labels can be confusing.

The app tries to make the best use of the available space. Of course, the amount of text to be printed in each label can be very variable as the names and addresses can have different lengths. Some addresses might use 3 lines, others 6, for example. Some address lines can be very long, others very short.

Therefore, the app has to change the size of the text, on a label-by-label basis, to fit the name and address in that label. The result is that the sheet looks like the names and addresses are all over the place, and with different text sizes. However, if you peeled the labels off, the text for that label should hopefully look correct.

Can I transfer my lists to another device e.g. from iPhone to iPad – or even Mac?

You can copy your lists to another device. If your lists contain names from your Contacts, then the Contacts in the two devices should be the same i.e. you should sync the Contacts via iCloud or iTunes.

To transfer AddressLabels lists to another device, you need to do a backup to dropbox on one device, and then a restore from dropbox, in the other device. This is done with the app itself.For more information, read Backing up to and restoring from Dropbox

My lists have disappeared! Why would this happen? Is there any way to restore them?

Your lists will be removed from the app only if the app itself is deleted – either intentionally, or perhaps due to a problem when upgrading the operating system or synching.

The best hope for restoring the lists would be if you had already made a backup to dropbox, allowing the lists to be restored directly – refer to Backups and Restores

If you haven’t backed up the lists, then perhaps you have a recent complete device backup to iTunes or iCloud. If so, assuming AddressLabels and its data were on you device when the backup was made, a device restore should get your lists back. Note that this will put your device back to the state it was in when you did the backup, so you might lose data from other apps made since that date. If this is undesirable, you could try the following

  1. Do a new device backup to iTunes/iCloud.
  2. Restore from the previous backup.
  3. Open AddressLabelss, and if the lists are there, do a dropbox backup (see link above).
  4. Do a device restore via iTunes/iCloud, using the backup created in Step 1.
  5. Open AddressLabels and do a dropbox restore – see link above.

Can you tell me how to get started with AddressLabels

There are a lot of instructions on ios.addresslabels.app

To create a list – look at https://ios.addresslabels.app/creating-list/

To add names to a list – look at https://ios.addresslabels.app/creating-list/adding-names-to-a-list/

To add names from Contacts – look at https://ios.addresslabels.app/creating-list/adding-names-contacts/

To add names manually, look at https://ios.addresslabels.app/manually-adding-names-lists/