Importing names from a CSV File

If you are running AddressLabels 6.30 or later, you can import the names and addresses from a .csv spreadsheet file. The app will look for .csv files in the devices Files app.

So to use this feature, you must first do the following:

  • Ensure that the columns in your spreadsheet have titles such as “Name”, “Street” etc. AddressLabels will look through whatever titles you use and create the names and addresses.
  • Export the data as a .csv file.
  • Share the file with your iPhone or iPad, saving it to the Files app.

Copying .csv File to your iPhone or iPad

There are probably several ways to copy the .csv file to your iPhone or iPad. For example, you could airdrop from a Mac. When the device detects that you are airdropping the file, you will see a popup screen like the one below:

Saving csv file to Files app

Select Files to save the file.

You could also email the file to your device. On your device, open the email, tap on the file to open it, then tap the share button (square with arrow pointing upwards), and then select Save to Files.

Importing names from the .csv File

To import the names, tap the ‘+’ button on the top-right of the list of names.

ways of adding names

Tap the Import from CSV file. This will take you to the File app. Browse to the file you have saved, and tap on it.

You will then hopefully se a list of names and addresses. You can import all or just 1 of them. Select the ones that you want and then tap the Import button.

If you do not see the names and addresses, then it may be that AddressLabels has not understood how your data is arranged. Make sure that you do have titles at the top of each column in your spreadsheet. If you already have titles, but AddressLabels is still getting it wrong, please contact the developer on with details on what you column titles are. The app will then be changed to work with your layout.

To get the addresses in the correct format for the country, AddressLabels needs to know which country they are for. If there is no country column, Address Labels will assume that the person is in the same country as the region the phone is set up for. If it looks like the postal format is wrong, please try adding a “Country” column to your spreadsheet and enter the country.