Changing card send/receive status

For some people, simply adding names to a list is all that is required. It is a record of who you want to send a card to. It can also be used to print address labels etc.

However, a list can do much more that that. You can use the list to track when cards have been written, sent and received, for example. You can also tag cards as being hand-delivered, eCards or for international delivery (which means the screen showing your lists will display the number of international stamps needed).

If you look at the names on the list, you will see a blank rectangle to the left of each name. Changing the status is achieved simply by tapping this rectangle.


Since the graphic above was produced, an extra stage was introduce. If the icon is currently for “mailed”, the next tap changes it to the “airmail” icon – indicating international delivery. The next tap then changes it to “hand-delivered”, and then “eCard”.

Tapping the icon again returns it to the blank status.

From version 7.1 onwards, there is an alternative way to change the status. Long-pressing on a name shows the context menu, where you can select the Change Status… option, and then tap the appropriate status.

When you receive a card from someone on your list, if desired, you can record the fact by tapping the envelope icon to the right of that name.