Known Issues

Printing Labels With No Address, Setting Problem

Reported in 5.22, though probably been there for a while.

If you want to print labels for names with no addresses, you need to set a setting in the apps address labels settings. This should be possible in two places – the Settings within the app (accessed by tapping the Setting button above the labels preview), or by going to the device’s Settings/AddressLabels and changing it there. Unfortunately the one in Settings/AddressLabels is not working.

You have to change this in the address label settings within the app itself, accessed above the labels preview. Unfortunately, if the list has only names with no addresses, and the current setting is to not print labels with no addresses, then you won’t get as far as the labels preview, and so cannot change the setting! This will be fixed in 5.23 onwards. As a workaround, in that scenario, add a name to list which has an address, so that you can get to the setting screen.

App “Stuck” In Edit mode So ‘+’ button not working or available

Very occasionally, the first screen (the one that should display a table of lists e.g. Christmas 2018) get stuck in a Edit mode. The result is that it does not then respond to attempts to add a list, or go into a list already added.

The solution is to exit the app completely and restart. To restart the app, double-click the Home button to display previews of the running apps, then slide AddressLists up and away.)