Manually Adding Names to Lists

You can names and addresses manually to a list in AddressLabels, if you would prefer not to use names from Contacts. First tap the ‘+’ at the bottom-centre of the list screen, and then tap the Add Names Manually button.
Adding Names to List

 Adding New Names and Addresses

If you are creating your first list i.e. you have not already added names manually to another list, you will then be taken straight to the screen for entering a name and address.

Enter at least a name. You can also add address, “other info”, phone numbers, email addresses and birthday if desired, then tap Save. ¬†“Other Info” allows you to store useful information such as children’s names, when card should be sent and so on. After the information is saved, the form is cleared allowing you to type in the details for the next person to be added. Tap the Back button when finished.

Adding Existing Names

If you have already added names to another list, you can now select from these, to add to a new list.
When you tap the AddressLabels icon, as described at the start of this page, you will get get the chance to enter a new name, as described above, or to Select Existing Names.

screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-08-51-54 screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-08-52-03

Tap Select Existing Name(s) to see a list of the names available. Tap the names you want (so that they are ticked). The Select All and Unselect All buttons at the bottom might help making the election easier. When you have ticked the names you want, tap Import on the top left of the screen.