Marking Entry as Completed

Marking Entry as CompleteAs well as indicating the card status in terms of written, mailed etc. you can also (version 7.1 onwards) indicate that the item is “completed”. Use this as you like, but you could use it to indicate that the card/mail has been hand-delivered, or the eCard sent etc.

To mark items as Completed, you must be in Edit mode – tap the Edit button on the top-right, to reveal the checkboxes on the left of each name. Select the items that are completed. Then tap the Change Status button (square with tick inside) on the bottom-right.

From the popup menu, tap on Mark as Completed. (Note: if you change your mind about an entry or entries, you can repeat this but tap on Clear Completion Status”.)

Entries are then shown as being Completed by showing a tick after the name.

10 thoughts on “Marking Entry as Completed

  1. I absolutely love your app. I have been using it for as many years as you have had it available. It is user friendly and if I do have a question or can not remember how to do something, I can find the answer in your instructions. Thank you again. I hope you actually went out and had a nice lunch.

    • Hi Sharon – thank you for your kind words. I am assuming you left a tip to “buy me lunch”? I never know who has tipped me so can’t usually thank people. So if you left that tip – tank-you so much 🙂 I really do appreciate it!

  2. I’m trying to use the envelope printing feature. “Bottom right of a list”? I guess I’m too darn stupid to find it. Perhaps dumbing it down to accommodate slow learners like me.

    I simply want to send Justice Thomas of the Supreme Court inside a nicely printed envelope. I intend to tell the idiot that he’s dumber than I am (hard to do) but even worse he is anti American.

    Perhaps I’ll find another app.

  3. Thank you so much for creating this app. As the years have gone by I’ve been having difficulty in writing. Just the thought each year of writing out my Christmas cards has been daunting. This app has been extremely helpful.

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