Other Label Printing Settings

Label Settings Screenshot

The Labels sheet has a large number of useful settings, as shown to the left.

You can print more than one copy of the sheet(s). This can be especially useful when printing a short list allowing you to make full use of the available labels on the sheet.

You can change the start position, allowing you to make use of a partially filled sheet.

This is where you select the label sheet type.

You can change the text colour, font and the maximum text height. You can set the Maximum Font Size to limit the text size on the labels. The app tries to make the text as large as it can, but still fit on the label. This meant that on large labels, e.g. maybe 4 on a sheet, the text was huge. This setting allows you to limit that text size.

You can tap on the Include Image button, and then add an image. You can also adjust the distance between the image and the text if desired.

It is likely that most of your cards will be within your own country. In this case, it is unlikely that you will want to print the country, as part of the address. If you set the Print Country switch to OFF, then no Countries will get printed (whether it is to someone in your own country or overseas). If The Print Country switch is ON, then overseas addresses will have the Country printed.

If you have checked the Except my Country (as above), then addresses within your own country will not have the Country on the address.

There might be names on your list with no address e.g. a work colleague, or close family member. You can still print their name to a label, but often you would not want to do this. If you just want to print labels where the name has an address, then set the Print Names even if address missing switch to OFF.

Note: this applies only to names and addresses which came from Contacts, where the app gets the Country field from the Contacts app. If the addresses was typed manually, the app has no way of knowing what each part of the address is, and so will display the address just as the person has typed it.

The text is normally printed in the centre of the available space. However, you can switch off the Print Address in Center switch to print it to the left of the available space.

You can change the text justification – left, centre and right-justified.

You can change which items are printed on the labels. Whilst most people will just want name and address, you can include any or all of name, address, extra info, company, phone numbers and email addresses.

Finally, although it should not be necessary, you can fine-tune the position of the label’s contents by adjust the label padding, horizontal and vertical positions.