Selecting Label Sheet Type

Labels Setting button

The Label sheet type is selected by tapping the Settings button at the top right of the preview screen.

If you are printing label sheets, make sure Sheet is selected. If printing to label rolls, such as the Brother Label Printer rolls, make sure Rolls is selected.

Then select the paper type. So if you are printing to sheets of labels, you need to select the appropriate page size – Letter or A4.

select label type




If printing to a Label Printer, you need to select whether it is a roll of peelable labels, or a continuous roll.

To select the actual label type, tap where it shows the current label type, if one has already been selected. If one hasn’t already been selected, tap where it says “Select Label type…“. Then select the appropriate Label sheet format from the table on the next screen.

As an example, if you are using the popular Avery 5160 labels, you could select the code 5160, or Letter 10×3 (1″ x 2 5/“) 30 per sheet

Label Rolls

If the roll contains peelable labels, then having selected Roll and Peelable above, tap on the Label Type and select from the list of supported labels.

Normally the labels would be printed in Landscape orientation, but if you want, you can tap on the Portrait button, to print in Portrait orientation.

If the roll is a continuous roll, tap on the Continuous button, and select the roll type. You will then see another row in the settings table allowing you to select the length for the label.