Selecting Label Sheet Type


The Label sheet type is selected by tapping the Settings button at the top right of the preview screen.

Please note the warning at the bottom of the Settings screen. If the printer or the program printing the labels (if the list is emailed and then printed) uses scaling, the name and addresses will not line up with the labels!



Then select the appropriate Label sheet format by spinning the selection picker to the appropriate sheet.

Each selection has the following information, to help choose the correct label.

Firstly, the sheet size is given – Letter (e.g. in USA) or A4 (e.g. in UK).

Secondly, the layout of the sheet e.g. 7×2 indicates that the labels are arranged in 7 rows with 2 labels per row.


Thirdly, the dimensions of each label are e.g. 1″ x 4″.

Finally, the number of labels on the sheet is given e.g. 14 per sheet.

As an example, if you are using the popular Avery 5160 labels, you would select

Letter 10×3 (1″ x 2 5/“) 30 per sheet