Using Partially Used Label Sheets

Normally, printing to label sheets will start at the first label i.e. at the top left. However, if you have already printed to some of the labels in a sheet, it is possible to start printing to the next available label position.

The label positions are numbered as shown in the example below.


To select the starting position, tap the Settings button on the label preview screen,

Then tap into the First Label Position box and enter the desired starting position.

First Position for labels in Settings screenshot

Hit Done and then Airprint or Email.

Please note that if you are printing more labels than will fit on one sheet, i.e. you are printing more than one sheet of labels, then the last page of the pdf file containing the label information will get printed first. Therefore AddressLabels arranges the file so that it is on the last page that the first position is used. In this situation, the labels preview screen (which show the beginning of the file first) will still show the labels starting at the first position. If you scrolled down to the last page, you would see that it starts at the First Position entered. You might also see that the sheet before that is partially filled. Even though you are making use of the partially filled sheet, the number of labels you have selected to print might then result in another partially filled sheet and if so, Address Labels uses the one before the last.

Note: the first position will be stored in the app and used next time. Therefore, remember to put back to position 1 (or wherever required) on the next print run.