Printing Dymo LabelWriter Labels

Some support for LabelWriters was added to version 7.30. This has been tested with a LabelWriter 450, but it is important to note that in these tests, it was necessary to also run a 3rd-party software application on a computer, to which the printer was connected.

There might well be other ways to achieve this, but there now follows a description of one way to use the app to print using labelWriter printers.

To allow the iPad to “see” the LabelWriter on the network, the LabelWriter was connected via USB to an iMac, which was running macOS Monterey 12. There is no reason to suppose that an earlier macOS version would not also work, but that is an unknown.

Also, it was necessary to run a 3rd party application called Printopia. At the time of writing, this software cost $19.99 although was available with a free trial.

With Printopia running on the iMac, the LabelWriter 450 could be see on the iPad when selecting a printer.

As always, the first step when about to print, is to select the correct label type. So tap settings (Top-Right of Labels preview screen), and select the correct label.

Then, when back at the preview screen, tap on AirPrint, and then Select Printer:

Notice that this shows that the Dymo is connected to the iMac, whereas the Officejet is a wifi printer, not requiring such a connection.

Although the label size has been selected in Address Labels, it is also necessary to select the correct paper size in Printopia as well. So on the iMac, in this test, the LabelWriter 450 is first selected.

Then tap on the Setting button below DYMO LabelWriter 450, on the right. the Settings seems to default to showing properties. Click on the dropdown and select Paper Handling.

Then, on the next screen, select the appropriate label.

Finally, return to AddressLabels on the iPad, and tap Print on the top-right of the Print Settings screen.