Printing List Summary

As well as printing names and addresses to labels, you can print the entire list, or email it as a pdf file. With the list names displayed, tap the print button, bottom right, and then select List Summary from the pop-up.


The list summary can be configured to display the name, plus any or all of the following:

  • address
  • the extra info recorded with each name
  • written/mailed/hand-delivered/eCard/received status for that card
  • history of written/mailed/hand-delivered/eCard/received status for that person
  • company name
  • telephone numbers
  • email addresses
  • birthday

To change what gets displayed, tap the Settings button on the top right of the list summary preview.

Settings for List Summary

Examples of the display are shown below:


From version 6.50 onwards, you can add the telephone numbers, email addresses, company and birthday.

You can change the text color, height, page orientation and page size, via the Settings button.

list summary preview

From version 7.64 onwards, you can also print a summary header at the top of the summary, showing card count, number of stamps required, number  of cards written, etc. 

If a name has been imported from Contacts, and changed within AddressLabels, e.g. “John Smith” changed to “The Smith Family”, then the name as it appears in Contacts will be printed after the “new” name e.g. “The HSmith Family (John Smith)”.

If you would like to share the list summary, tap on the Share button below the preview. You can then email, airdrop etc.