Printing To Envelopes

Printing directly to envelopes is available from Version 6 of Address Labels. However, the functionality is only enabled via an In App Purchase on the Tips page. Once enabled, the option is available when tapping the Printer button at the bottom-right of a list.

Selecting Envelope Printing

You will then see the screen allowing you to select the names to be printed – same as when printing address labels.

Selecting names for the envelops

Select the names, and then tap Print Preview.

You will have to go to Settings (top-right button) to select the actual Envelope size. Setting also allows you to alter the appearance of what gets printed on the envelope.

The first thing to change in Setting is the Envelope Type. You can tap on Standard, and then choose from a wide variety of envelope size, by tapping on the current type – DL (22.0 x 11cm) in the above screenshot.

Selecting envelope type screen-shot

Scroll down (if necessary) to the type you want, and then tap on it. Alternatively, if the size of your envelope does not match any of the standard one, then on the Settings screen, tap Custom rather than Standard. Then tap on the current size, and you will be taken to a screen where you can enter the size of your envelope.

Entering custom envelope size

You can also select to have a return address on the envelope. This will be printed on the top-left of the envelope. To generate a return address, follow the instructions for printing return address labels. Go as far as previewing the return address labels. There is no need to actually print them.

The image for the envelopes, if desired, is chosen in the same way as it is for the image on labels. However, with the envelopes, the Settings allow you to place the image in one of 9 positions e.g. Centre-Left (default), Centre-Right, Bottom-Right etc.

You can also change the font and text colour.

Also, you print the information in Portrait orientation, instead of landscape.

Printing the Envelopes

When you have changed the settings as wanted, return to the preview screen. You can then tap AirPrint to send the information to your printer. You will have to check with your printer manual to determine which envelope sizes are supported, and to the positioning of the envelope in the printer tray.

Position the envelope(s) in the printer, and tap the AirPrint button. Select the correct printer and Tap the Print button.
Address Labels will send the envelopes pdf file to the printer. The printer should also inform AddressLabels which sizes it supports.

At the time of writing, it was not know how well this interface would work with the large number of printers that exist. The following explanation might differ from what you actually see. It would be really helpful if you could contact support on with information about what happened when you tried printing.

Ideally, the printer will accept the pdf information and print correctly. What also might happen is that the printer does not exactly support the size, but has a size which is close. In that case, AddressLabels will still attempt to print the envelope, but will inform you about the unsupported issue as follows:

You can see what sizes are supported by tapping on the View Supported Sizes button. You might see something like:

page sizes supported by printer screenshot

Again this information would be of great interest to the