Quick Guide

Creating Lists and Printing Labels

This is a quick guide to creating lists and printing address labels. There are several How To help pages on this site to help with the detail, and other tasks.

Step1 – Create a List

AddressLabels works by creating lists of names and addresses which can be used to organise your mailing or card list , or to print address labels and envelopes. So, the first step is to create a list. Tap the ‘+’ button on the top-right.

There are several preset names to choose from e.g. Christmas, Thanksgiving… You can scroll to a preset name, or just type in the name you want in the box Change List Type Name If Required.

For example, you could give the list a custom name such as “Christmas Work”.

Usually, you will also include the year in the List name. It defaults to the current year, but you can scroll the years dial to a different year.

Also, if you do not want to have a year in the List name, just scroll the Year dial to the top where there is a blank line.

It makes sense for a Christmas list to include a year e.g. “Christmas 2021”, but doesn’t really make sense for a miscellaneous list such as when making labels for spice jars, in which case you might want the list to be called “Spice Jars” rather than “Spice Jars 2021”.

Step 2 – Add Names To List

After saving, tap on the List Name e.g. Christmas 2019, to see inside the list. At this stage, it will be blank. Tap on the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the list to add names.

You can add names from the Contacts on your device, import from a CSV file in your device’s Files, or type them in manually. Tap the appropriate button.

Select how to add names - manually, from Contacts or from CSV file

Adding Names From Contacts

If you tap the top button (Add names from Contacts) , you will see a popup allowing you to select from All Contacts or a Contacts Group if you have your Contacts organised in groups. So tap a group or All Contacts to see a table of available names. Just tap the names you would like to import.

Selecting names to import from Contacts screenshot

Adding names Manually

If you would prefer to type in names and addresses just for using in AddressLabels, then you can do so. Just tap the Add Names Manually button shown above.

When adding names to your first list, you will then go straight to the screen for adding details for that person.

Adding name and address manually

You have to enter a name. You can then enter any or all of the following – address, extra info, company name, nickname, phone numbers, email addresses and birthday.

Note: when you add names to a different list, when you tap the Add Names Manually button, you will get a popup screen where you select between typing in a new name, or importing names that you typed for a previous list.

Step 3 – Changing List Appearance and Contents

The appearance and contents shown for a list of name can be changed by tapping the Settings button (Cog) on the bottom left of the screen. This allows you to hide the background image and change how much contact information if show.

List with just names
List with full details

Step 4 – Printing Address Labels

To print address labels, tap the Printer button at the bottom-right of the list, and then tap Address Labels in the popup.

Print labels/envelopes popup.

The next screen shows a table of names which can be included in the address labels. The names with check-marks will get printed.

Select the names you want labels for and then tap the Labels Preview button.

Select names to print table

You will then see a preview of the labels. You can change the appearance of the labels, add images etc. You will also have to select the correct address labels sheet type. All of this can be done in the settings.

Step 5 – Changing the Labels Appearance

Labels Setting button

To change the Settings for the labels, tap The Settings button on the top-right.

You can then scroll through all of the Settings for the labels.

Perhaps the most important setting is the Label Type Setting.where you select the type of Address Sheet or label type that you plan to use. If you are printing to a sheet of labels, tap the Sheet button, and then the appropriate page size – Letter or A4.

If printing to a label roll e.g. using a Brother QL Label printer, tap on the Roll button. Then, if using a roll of individual peelable labels, tap on the Peelable button. If it is a continuous roll, tap on the Continuous button, and then select a length for the label.

You can also change the text colour and font as well as limit the text size.

If you want an image on the label, make sure the Include Image on Label switch is on, and tap Select Label Image to choose your image.

 If you set the Print Country switch to OFF, then no Countries will get printed (whether it is to someone in your own country or overseas). If The Print Country switch is ON, then overseas addresses will have the Country printed.

If you have checked the Except my Country (as above), then addresses within your own country will not have the Country on the address.

The text on the label defaults to the centre of the available space.  However, you can switch off the Print Address in Center switch to print it to the left of the available space. You can change the text justification – left, centre and right-justified.

Finally, you can change which items are printed on the labels. Whilst most people will just want name and address, you can include any or all of name, address, extra info, company, phone numbers and email addresses.

Step 7 – Printing or Emailing your Labels

To AirPrint your label sheet, tap the AirPrint button at the bottom-left of the Labels Preview screen

If this is not possible, you can email the labels to a computer connected to a printer by tapping the Email Labels button to the bottom-right.