★★★★★ The ABSOLUTE BEST APP   by KLW-C Dec 27, 2018
For what I needed and was looking for, this app was life changing. I mean without a doubt this is the best $1.99 I’ve ever spent in my life. I’m 66 so I’ve probably bought a lot of things for that so I know a thing or two about $$ spent. This app made our 2018 Christmas card list an absolute breeze. That has NEVER been the case and is something I dread and put off way too long. AddressLabels does everything and far more than I could have hoped. When the first labels started printing, my husband sighed and said, “It’s magic”. My sentiments exactly!
★★★★★ Always improving!   by Pianord Dec 24, 2018
I hadn’t used this app in about 3 yrs. Many improvements and added features have been included since then. Now easy to use and gets the job done efficiently! The developers are committed to this app!
★★★★★ Nice app!   by GmaPatSP Dec 23, 2018
Some frustration when initially starting labels. I was stuck & couldn’t add anything to my file. The developer was a great help & I was able to solve problem & print labels without any issues. Had I checked the Support Web Site closer, I would have seen my problem & fix under “Known Issues”. I’m still learning all the features of the app, but overall a great product.
★★★★ Incredibly fast contact to label   by Kristen and Family Dec 23, 2018
This is a great app for my small business to convert 450+ contacts to address labels quickly. Would love if the formatting were consistent as it is not currently, but still a great tool.
★★★★★ Amazing! And so easy to use! Love it!  by Kristen and Family Dec 23, 2018
★★★★★ Serious time saver  by friendoftoodleloo Dec 20, 2018
Wasted a bunch of time trying to get my addresses into excel, word, google, Avery, etc. thank heavens I found an article talking about this APP. So excited to try for next years Christmas cards.
★★★★★ Lifesaver!!!  by Peacefulsleeper Dec 20, 2018
3rd year using this app for Christmas cards- easy to use and love the icons that can be added to the return labels!
★★★★★ Amazing Support  by Gingflynn Dec 19, 2018
This app has all of the features I am looking for to keep my Christmas card list up to date and print labels for my cards. While having some issues getting my printer to align properly, I found Nigel to respond immediately to my support request and to be patient and thoughtful in diagnosing my issue. I have both Mac and iOS versions of this app and highly recommend both!
★★★★★ Sweet little app  by TMGLost Dec 17, 2018
Years back I used Outlook and Word mail merge for my Christmas labels and experienced hours of headaches and misery. THIS WAS SO MUCH EASIER. I never dreamed that my iPhone and an AirPrint printer would be my rescue this year. A very well spent $1.99.
★★★★★ Love this App!  by Pixi1966 Dec 15, 2018
Saves me so much time at Christmas. I don’t need to build a new list every year and it’s so easy to edit. Exporting lists from my phone to my tablet took seconds. Well done!
★★★★★ Wow! Time, effort and money saver!  by rupnok Dec 14, 2018
I have dreaded making Christmas card labes and have taken extensive notes on the cumbersome process I have used to export contacts from the Mac to Google to Avery labels in order to get the job done. This app eliminates ALL of that. Pick your contacts, rename the name field if you desire, and then print. Done. You can pick fonts, colors, add a picture icon all very easily. I debated spending the money. This app is worth far more to me. Thanks, Nigel! (The very responsive creator of this app) It’s a year later and the app still gets useful updates. If I take the time to click who sent us cards as we get them I can track who sent them easily. I can’t say enough about this app and the developer who is very promptly responsive to suggestions. Well with the money! 
★★★★★ So easy  by 2_Kouklas Dec 14, 2018
This is so easy and really works great. Just have all your contacts in your iPhone updated and ready for the quickest experience.
★★★★★ Love Love Love  by Almcvick Dec 14, 2018
This is by far my fav productivity app!!! Easy to use, convenient, absolutely perfect!!!
★★★★★ Great App!  by Adnil3 Dec 13, 2018
A fantastic app. Absolutely invaluable at Christmas. Well recommended; cannot fault it.
★★★★★ Highly Recommended  by Tindall01 Dec 12, 2018
Soon set it up, but there are so many functions, looking forward to trying them all out. Would recommend this App Perfect
★★★★★ Address Labels  by broomberry201 Dec 12, 2018
So easy to use, has made my life so much easier.
★★★★★ Love it  by gina51gina Dec 12, 2018
Not written Christmas card addresses for 3years it’s great.
★★★★★ Best app ever  by HRStitcher Dec 11, 2018
This is the third year I have used this app. It is absolutely the best card list/address list ever!! I was able to print labels with no problems – even printing only the ones I needed. I am using this on an iPad with AirPrint – super easy to use. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful app!!
★★★★★ Very easy  by PHENICUS Dec 11, 2018
For years I have had a nightmare before Christmas and it is called Mail Merge. Using Microsoft Word and Outlook to try and do simple Christmas Card address labels literally took hours and wasted label sheets from misprints. Not any more. I did 85 Christmas Card address labels from an 1100 member contacts list (iCloud ) in about 20 minutes. That was with learning the app and everything. Plus the list is there so next year it will take me about 5 minutes. The address in the list even changes/updates if you change it in you iCloud contact list. You also have easy options to change or modify names/ address just in the program. I was able to change “John Doe” which imported from contacts to “Doe Family” for example. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
★★★★★ Love how easy it is to use  by no name Shirley Dec 11, 2018
Too easy…thank you! I thought I would have to purchase a very expensive software package….this is everything I expected!
★★★★★ Simple but lots of functionality  by SeedyM Dec 11, 2018
This app has taken the pain right out of Christmas cards. Looking forward to next year where I will just be able to pull a list of those received and print labels with no effort.
★★★★★ Brilliant for printing labels from iPhone Contacts  by Spicy roasted squash Dec 10, 2018
Found this app via a review page (Christian Boyce) and have found it really quick & easy to use. The only problem I encountered was when trying to AirPrint directly from iPhone – the labels didn’t line up as per the label sheet. However this was due to my printer and once I had emailed the labels to my laptop I was able to adjust my printer settings (from ‘fit’ to actual size) it printed all my labels perfectly. I guess if I can find a way of adjusting your printer settings on the iPhone (an app maybe?) I should be able to print straight from my phone. But printing via my laptop was still very convenient and it has saved me loads of time negating the need to write my Christmas card addresses by hand!
★★★★★ Best app ever  by howcanthisbe? Dec 10, 2018
I am not very tech savvy, so i am forever grateful & thrilled at how user friendly and easy it is to use this app for my annual holiday card mass mailing. For years i had anxiety each time i had to print all my labels using other methods. Something would always go wrong. Until i discovered this app several years ago – i still can’t get over how easy to use, and i have never once had a problem or negative criticism about this very useful app. I love everything about it and tell everyone!
★★★★★ Easy  by Lamamoma Dec 9, 2018
I’ve struggled for years trying to do address labels since I’m not very tech savvy. I can’t believe how simple it is to use on my iPad. I just clicked on my contacts and it’s done.
★★★★★ If only there were more than 5 stars!  by Scoob$ Dec 7, 2018
Where have you been my whole life?? We send out 250+ cards for Christmas. It’s our thing. Every year I dread the address synch, Excel export, field mapping mail merge disaster that awaits me. This year, I used my phone. Where every address is up to date. I love being able to change the name for the card. I love that it lets me choose an address when I have two. I love that when I change something on my phone it automatically updates. I literally have newer written a review of an app. Ok maybe candy crush. This is life changing. Thank you for inventing it.
★★★★★ Favorite App!  by aly6915 Dec 6, 2018
Makes Christmas cards so much easier!!
★★★★★ Address Lists Extrordinaire!  by UncleShelly Dec 5, 2018
I have use this app now for four years, So I can easily address the pros and cons of the program. (Pun intended.) It has been flawless for me over that time. I cannot comment about Support, because I’ve never had to call them. it just works. I love the ability to import addresses from my contact list. I love that the program uses current address from my Contacts. And I love that the printout fit the Avery labels without my tweaking it.
★★★★★ How is it still free!  by Radmarc Dec 4, 2018
Ive been using this app for 3 years. This saves a lot of time every year. Every year I forget a couple things about the app. The website usually answers my questions. I love the symbols you can add to labels. I wish the FAQ was on the home page.
★★★★★ Great App!  by Esbooie Dec 2, 2018
This app has great functionality. It is very easy to sync the contacts pages from the iphone with the address labels. I really like the fact that I have an email back up of the labels and I could print from this if needed and can also use the list summary as a physical tick list. The support from the app developer is absolutely 5 star.
★★★★★ Love this App!  by n.p123 Dec 1, 2018
I’ve been using it for my Christmas cards for about 5 years now. Simple and easy to use. Love it
★★★★★ Awesome app!  by WrenBee Nov 28, 2018
This is the 5th year I’ve used it and I love it! Sooooo handy! Definitely makes things really easy. Love the ability to print mailing labels. I just wish I got back half as many Christmas cards as I send!
★★★★★ Easy to use!  by maggs781 Nov 26, 2018
Great app! So easy to use and made Christmas cards addressing so simple!
★★★★★ Love this app!  by TBetts50 Nov 25, 2018
It’s easy to use and print your labels. Love the ease of adding an image with my return address labels.
★★★★★ Really good   by capeldewi Nov 17, 2018
I don’t often leave reviews but, this app is good. Being able to select fonts, add images and use your contacts on my iPad was enjoyable and now I also have a record of the cards sent this year ready to use again next year.
★★★★★ Wonderful App!  by poseycow Nov 6, 2018
For the first time in years, using this app, I’ve quickly and easily created a list of gorgeous Christmas card address labels. They printed out perfectly first time too, perfectly placed on the labels. You’ve saved me so much energy and whole days of my life, not only this year but in years to come! I’ve only just begun to tap the potential of what this app can do but already am totally chuffed to bits. Thank you SO much!
★★★★★ Saved my Christmas chore  by supersonicsylv Nov 1, 2018
Been struggling for years with too many cards to send, this is a lifesaver, can’t
Believe how good it is. Only problem I forgot to turn the printer on.
★★★★★ Brilliant  by 127868vom Oct 5, 2018
I have used the card lists for a couple of years. The app is very user friendly and the instructions are easy to follow.
I have made lists for Christmas, putting the names at the top for cards to Australia etc, next the European cards and lastly the inland ones. These all require postage and are separated from the hand delivered and email cards.
The Christmas list is in country and alphabetical order.
The birthday lists are in date order.
This had made life so very much easier.
I recently had a problem after an update, my iPad is getting old, when I queried the problem, Nigel , the designer and owner replied immediately and worked hard to resolve this, which he has done! A personal service not easy to find today.
★★★★★ truly amazing app  by G//L Sep 18, 2018
This app certainly takes the pain out of producing your Christmas and other lists. A lot of thought appears to have gone into what is a truly excellent product. Being able to backup to Dropbox is a real bonus.
★★★★★Very Impressed!  by ketteringman Sep 3, 2018
Used to do my labels on an Access database so when I switched to Apple, I needed to find an alternative. I downloaded this awhile ago but have only just played with it. It’s brilliant….imported all the contacts I send cards to without a hitch. The rest is intuitive and so simple to use! Select the label sizes and print! Much easier than the old access database! So impressed that this is the only review of an app that I have ever written!
★★★★★A truly amazing app!  by G//L Sep 18, 2018
This app certainly takes the pain out of producing your Christmas and other lists. A lot of thought appears to have gone into what is a truly excellent product. Being able to backup to Dropbox is a real bonus.
★★★★★Great address and card tracking app!  by Denz1968 Jan 7, 2018
I have had this app for a few years now. Last year I manually updated all the addresses so they were correct. With this Christmas looming I did my new list and import from last years list and boom, more than half the addresses lost. I emailed. The developer and advised the problem. Got a real quick response followed by a few days testing different scenarios with him, until he had sorted the problem out. Many thanks great app and superb support.
★★★★★A fantastic app!  by Mashpot631 Jan 6, 2018
Have been using this app for 3 christmasses, would be lost without it!
★★★★★ROdddeers!  by Rroodders Jan 6, 2018
The latest update of this app. Which introduces a maximum font size works perfectly. Many thanks for responding so promptly to requests for this. This absolutely brilliant.
★★★★★Brilliant!  by JaneW50 Dec 10, 2017
This is an amazing app. It was so easy to set up and the results are brilliant, thank you!
★★★★★Just Buy It!  by Stewbkk Nov 23, 2017
This has got to be the best app I have ever bought and I can’t believe how cheap it was. For years I have struggled with Avery to print my labels as it has got to be the most non user friendly app ever, however, CardLists on the contrary has got to be the most user friendly app ever and I created my lists and printed my labels in probably a tenth of the time it took me with Avery. Marvellous app !
★★★★★Great App, Great Support!  by WhitIV Nov 18, 2017
This app is a great solution to Apple’s problem. In Contacts, you cannot get address labels to print displaying First Name first. Rather, Contacts prints last name first. This has been an ongoing issue for years now. CardLists has been my solution to this problem all these years, and I just printed out my labels for this year in record time! Years ago, I had a question for the developer, and the only way he could have gotten back to me with the answer any quicker would be with him sitting next to me. This year, I had great success lining up all my addresses on a label sheet of 10×3 by using the font Futura-CondensedMediumFont. Everyone fits perfectly. Your mileage may vary.
★★★★★Simply brilliant!  by Moraymouse Nov 13, 2017
 I have been searching for an app to use with iPad for years. This is it! Intuitive, efficient. And there is back up help should you need it. As an “old lady” technophobe I made my way to printed labels in a few clicks. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
★★★★★Great Card List  by Meducks Nov 11, 2017
Very easy to make entries & looks good too. Very pleased.
★★★★★Great app  by CareyAndrew Nov 5, 2017
This app sure simplifies my Christmas card list. It’s almost an enjoyable task now. Thanks to the developer for keeping it up. Many options in here I find useful.
★★★★★Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.  by Mayflower 64 Nov 4, 2017
I just want to say this is one of the best apps around from doing all my labels for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Easter, Christmas and for my everyday labels to as I can add a picture to my labels to for my homemade pickles, jam and relish.
★★★★★So easy.  by Sauerweg5 Oct 29, 2017
I give this app., 10/10. I used it for printing labels for my Christmas card envelopes and made them look festive by attaching holly, etc. So easy. Highly delighted.
★★★★★Excellent Tool.  by John BA Oct 7, 2017
Excellent tool very please with this app and great support from the developer
★★★★★Absolutely love it!  by JM2222222 Sep 13, 2017
It’s so simple, and easy to use.
★★★★★Worth every cent!  by Jenn M June 10, 2017
A mom’s dream! So easy! Love it!
★★★★★Made My Life Simple at Christmas  by Drahcir97 Jan 24, 2017
CardLists is an excellent app. It is intuitive to use making the whole process of generating address labels simple and very manageable. It worked beautifully with the AirPrint option on my printer. It worked perfectly with the Contacts I have in my iPhone6s while allowing me to enter many addresses into the list that weren’t in my Contacts. Excellent app, I highly recommend it.
★★★★★Terrific App; Font Sizes; Sharing Files  by Bill Paying Bills Jan 14, 2017
Once again I am compelled to praise this app. Over the years there have been a number of significant improvements. There are a great variety of text fonts and sizes, but it’s hard to judge the size (how many letters or numbers will fit on one line of a label) from the list you select from, only when you print. I would dearly love to be able to share card files among my iOS devices – my iPad and my iPhone. There is a way to do this using Dropbox but I haven’t quite figured it out and would greatly prefer iCloud. But these are nits; it’s a great, flexible, adaptable app.
★★★★★R0dddeers  by Rroodders Jan 7, 2017
I have been looking for a decent labels app ever since I got an iPad but never imagined that I would find one as good as this. My mail merge list used on my, now redundant, computer was not a patch on this.
★★★★★Versatile  by Coffeeshop45 Jan 3, 2017
I have used this app for at least three years now and love that I am able to set up separate lists for email, snail mail, and ecards. Makes it easy and fast for me. My lists are already ready to go for Christmas 2017.
★★★★★A very nice Christmas tracking app and more by Arizona_Bound Jan 2, 2017
More than just tracking, though; you can print name lists and print address labels. I keep track of cards I’ve sent, and note who sends cards to me. You can make relevant notes such as children’s names, marriages (or sadly, deaths). A big thumbs up!
★★★★First year…loving it so far! by
Pinky56 Jan 2, 2017
It was so easy to import from my contacts and make the edits. We tracked this year and are ready for next year. Best thing was how easy it was to figure out how many cards and stamps to buy in the first place. I didn’t print off the labels this year and just did hand-written so I don’t feel like I can review the whole app until next year. Five stars for what I used in the app.
★★★★★Great app  by Chewskis Jan 2, 2017
3rd year using this app for my Christmas Card List! Awesome App!! Love it!!
★★★★★Appreciate this app ?? by ULena24 Dec 29, 2016
I have been using this app for years. Love how it tracks past years activities. This year I find that it has not been updating all my contacts. It is not showing what I have sent in the past years. Also if contact had a name change (got married) it no longer recognizes that contact. This is the first time I have had this problem. I have been using this app for years.
★★★★★What a life saver! by ckt52 Dec 27, 2016
Such an easy, complete app to use. So thankful my sister demonstrated it for me. It easily prints the labels and keeps you organized!
★★★★★Wow!! This is impressive!! by blkbtrfly Dec 24, 2016
I expected so much less & got so much more!! It is ridiculously easy to use & is compatible w/ my iPhone!! (It saved me hours of time so I caught up on my newest TV show ” Good Behavior”) Thank you to the developers they are concerned & produced a great app!!
★★★★★Very good app by Philpy27 Dec 25, 2016
I’ve tried other label printing apps but this one beats the lot.
★★★★★Great for organizing by Card List Dec 22, 2016
This is a great app for keeping track of your Christmas card list. I added the names and addresses of everyone from my old address book. The app can easily print Avery mailing labels. When I send out my cards, I mark them sent on the list. When I receive a card, I mark it received on the list. It does exactly what I need it to do simply and user friendly.
★★★★★Love it! by amy7974 Dec 22, 2016
This is the third year we have used this app for Christmas card addresses. I love that the addresses automatically update from my contact list. It is very easy to add to card list from contacts….I can do all of it from my iPad and print! It is easy to change font and color. Maybe next year I will do return address labels also….
★★★★★ Love it. Works great by Doug iPad dude Dec 21, 2016
Imports from your contact list just fine. It accommodates updating when addresses change and the link stays to your list. Just don’t change contact spelling. AirPrint directly to your printer on labels. Manages your list to include hand delivery and hand written cards. Backed up to drop box to share with my wife too. Love it.
★★★★★A super little app! by Microtis Dec 21, 2016
After years of struggling to mail merge selected Outlook contacts address data on to mailing labels, this little app that works straight off your IOS device makes it so easy! I also like the ability to make notes and record cards sent/received etc. There is a comprehensive user guide on the web, and some good tips on other reviews. Although the app seems fairly unsophisticated, it really does everything I require of it.
★★★★★Love this app! by Torqued!!  Dec 18, 2016
I’ve used this app for two years now for Christmas card label printing. It imports addresses from my contacts smooth and easily and I can edit the name of the contact with the label list. (So if I’ve got my contact as an individual coworker but have his home address I can edit the name in the app to say “The John Smith Family” without bothering my actual contact information) It seamlessly updates contact info in the app when I update it in my contacts as well. It sees the printer on my wifi network with no problems and all I had to do this year was stuff some label sheets into the printer and tell it to print the list. Easy peesy! Love love love it! Now we get our cards out BEFORE Christmas! 😉
★★★★★Hidden Gem by Radmarc  Dec 18, 2016
When you first start to use it you don’t see its capabilities. Took me awhile after reading all the instructions on the WEB site. My wife writes the cards but I’m her hero for doing the mailing list.
★★★★★Great app by Legit Aces  Dec 17, 2016
Finally I have a digital Christmas card list!
★★★★★First class by Tony Heyes  Dec 16, 2016
After years of prattling about with PCs and MACs here at last is the solution. It DOES enable you to choose the font, it does allow you to edit the first line without corrupting the parent data base, it does allow you to use half used label sheets etc etc . Brilliant!
★★★★★Wow! Time, effort and money saver! by rupnok  Dec 16, 2016
I have dreaded making Christmas card lanes and have taken extensive notes on the cumbersome process I have used to export contacts from the Mac to Google to Avery labels in order to get the job done. This app eliminates ALL of that. Pick your contacts, rename the name field if you desire, and then print. Done. You can pick fonts, colors, add a picture icon all very easily. I debated spending the $2. This app is worth far more to me. Thanks, Nigel! (The very responsive creator of this app)
★★★★★FABULOUS! Love it! by LindsHockey  Dec 16, 2016
I was looking for an app to pull from my contacts and create labels. This app does that, and more! I can build different lists, indicate who replied, choose font, image and labels. If an address is wrong- fix if in contacts and it updates immediately in the app. LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!
★★★★★Fantastic sent/received card tracker by caymanapple  Dec 16, 2016
This is the perfect way to keep track of greetings cards with easy integration from contacts and room for notes. I can see who I sent/received cards from over the last year (or more).
★★★★★Time Saver by 3Bs3  Dec 15, 2016
I’ve been looking several years for a card list app & I decided to try this one. Very easy to set up & use. I hand address my envelopes so I can’t speak to the label capability on this app
★★★★★Love it by Dee4given  Dec 15, 2016
I really do like this app. Printing labels or lists is easy. Organizing and marking seems great too.
★★★★★Fantastic by CMKay  Dec 15, 2016
Easy to set up, and now I’m finally organised for Christmas card writing. Thank you to the developers.
★★★★★GREAT APP! by RebeccaeRDRG  Dec 14, 2016
Love this app. When you update your contacts it automatically updates it within the app. Makes the whole process of sending a Christmas card or any other kind of bulk mailing very easy!
★★★★Easy to edit names and addresses by Catchasunset  Dec 14, 2016
This app is great. Tried the Avery app and it was hard to use and you had to sign up with them to save your project. Easy to change name in app or switch to your contacts and do it there. Change is saved to app. Xmas labels-done!
★★★★★Best $1.99 I’ve Spent by Weaza57  Dec 14, 2016
I have struggled for years trying to do my Christmas mailing labels on Word. Never again will I do any other way. This App is SO EASY, Thanks for such a Awesome App???
★★★★★GREAT APP! by Pxichk  Dec 13, 2016
Love this app! It saves me so much time from year to year with addressing my holiday cards. I also use the list for birthday party invites, thank you cards, etc. It’s user friendly, and it offers great options for colors and fonts on the labels. It’s where I store all of my addresses now. I have also used the Dropbox feature to use my list from my desktop, and app t also works well.
★★★★★BEST EVER APP!! by HRStitcher  Dec 12, 2016
This is the second year I have used this app. It is absolutely the best card list/address list ever!! I was able to print labels with no problems – even printing only the ones I needed. I am using this on an iPad with AirPrint – super easy to use. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful app!!
★★★★★AWESOME APP!!! by LewisClark1  Dec 11, 2016
I downloaded this app about an hour ago and I’ve already created my Christmas list, fixed all the errors I had in my contacts, and printed out wonderful labels with a cute picture of Santa! Done! Next year it will take no time at all! Love that I can also track who sent me a card. Wish I had found this app sooner!
★★★★★XMAS CARD WRITING MADE EASY! by Liverpooltiger1  Dec 12, 2016
Tried most apps over the years to try & make an easy reference list of cards to write & then label for posting. This is the clear winner. It copies the address straight from your contact list & it is then ready to easily sort: I have “overseas”, “stamped” & “hand delivered” for example. My only quibble is that it doesn’t mirror the data across devices (iphone to iPad for example but that’s a minor inconvenience) Finally, it is simplicity itself to turn the list into labels ready for posting. Now if I could just get it to write the cards for me……
★★★★★SUPERB by pjrcarman  Dec 12, 2016
After years of mail merge using excel and word, an app that is so easy it knocks the competition into a cocked hat. I can’t recommend it more fulsomely.
★★★★★BRILLIANT! by Wooly420  Dec 12, 2016
I absolutely love this app, spent hours trying to print labels from my PC, brought this app & was printing my ICloud contacts within 15mins, I can’t believe how easy it was! I now have it for many years of posting!
★★★★★A BRILLIANT MUST HAVE APP! by NickPC3  Dec 12, 2016
I have been looking for ages to find a way of generating and then print address labels directly from my contacts on my iPad/iPhone! And yesterday I found this brilliant app which does just that. I love it…..simple and quick to use.
★★★★★WHAT A TIME SAVER! by Larissa74  Dec 12, 2016
Very user friendly. Easy to print labels with all kinds of choices of fonts and colours. I look so organized this year 🙂
★★★★★Excellent app! by DavidP  Dec 11, 2016
I had to send you a Review of this excellent App.
After struggling with Mail Merge on a PC for two days I gave up. I looked for Mac Apps but eventually looked for ios Apps. I am so glad I did, what a gem!
I am blind and your App works superbly with Voice Over, I didn’t encounter any problems at all. I printed off my Christmas labels simply and cannot thank you enough. I didn’t find the images option but now I have done the printing I have time to explore the App more thoroughly. 5 out of 5 and thank you again.
★★★★★Does it all – brilliant! by KenW97531 user Dec 9, 2016
Brilliant app that I linked to my contacts with ease. It is simple to use without reference to the comprehensive online instructions (useful latter) and all options become apparent as you progress through to Airprint. All labels printed straight off and perfectly aligned. £1-49 very well spent. Do not be put off by reference to Christmas cards as this app is perfect for all uses. Recommended.
★★★★★A life saver! Well actually a hand saver! by KOF user Dec 8, 2016
In Sierra OS one cannot print labels from Contacts in First Last Name format. No matter what radio button you push! I read on Apple forum about this app and decided to try it. This app SAVED me from hand addressing my cards. Nigel, app developer, was really helpful with one issue I had (I wanted to include Company Name data onto label). This app has lots of functionality; you can track if you have written the card, mailed the card, hand delivered the card, sent an ecard and received a card. My own holiday wish is that Nigel develops an OS version!
★★★★★Love love this app! by Kschnei206 Dec 5, 2016
I had been waiting for just this app and now I have been using it for 3 years – it is great!! -and support is fantastic. Developer really pays attention to what the users want. Doing your holiday cards has never been SO easy!
★★★★★Great app so far by seillean Dec 5, 2016
Okay I know this costs money but it seems to work really well. It links to your contacts and you can change the display name (like from Bob to The Smith Family) and the address updates when you change your contact’s address. It works much better for me than my old spreadsheet method, and the labels printed correctly on the first try.
★★★★★Best app ever! by Marconurse Dec 4, 2016
Love this app. It takes the chore out of sending Christmas cards. I am not that computer savvy and always struggle making mailing labels. This app makes it a breeze, I am so happy I found it. Totally user friendly. You can make changes easily, and add new names from your contacts. Thank you! Thank you!
★★★★★Brilliant app. by Velcro-49 Dec 6, 2016
I use an old iMac programme which will not export my database to anything else. I decided it was time to move to another system\app and I am very glad that I did. This is perfect for me. I can create various lists, sort in different orders and print – even starting part way down a page of labels. As someone has said it’s worth spending a little time adjusting line lengths and number of rows to ensure accurate printing but otherwise what a great resource. I had a query and the speed and willingness of support was also brilliant. Totally recommend this app and well worth the money!
★★★★★What a great app! by Kent-ken Dec 5, 2016
Purchased this about 4 days ago when I got fed up with all the old paper lists we had collected over the years. First Job is to get both of our contacts lists in order, a job well overdue anyway. A good tip here is to try to keep the number of lines to a minimum as this will make the label type larger when you come to print the labels. This is probably the most time consuming bit. Importing into the app is easy as was the printing, really pleased with the result. Only bug we discovered occurred where somebody had 2 addresses one in the UK and one in another country, if you are printing out the overseas address then it doesn’t print out the country. Fantastic App
★★★★★Brilliant by Ajay61 Dec 5, 2016
The app works like a dream. I use PC Line labels (from Staples) 3×7. Thank you Developers! PS it is possible to make several lists, the labels can be taken on Holidays for postcards and it is possible to create a list for Birthdays and sort into the order needed!
★★★★★Love this app! by PsuDOc Dec 1, 2016
This app helps me remember who I sent cards to last year and lets you carry lists forward to the next year. One of a kind app!
★★★★★Fantastic App by Southern Vales Dec 2, 2016
Have been using this app for years now. Makes Christmas card writing a lot less stressful!
★★★★★Great App by Sued33 Nov 29, 2016

Easy to use. No problems with it. Good instructions are supplied. Excellent

★★★★★Does what it says! by Jemsa42 Nov 28, 2016

Easy to use. I like the ability to print individual labels if you have to add some to the original list. It may be simple, but it does everything I want for my Christmas card addresses.

★★★★★Superb again! by Stambrom Nov 23, 2016
This is at least the fifth year that I’ve used this program to print labels for my Christmas cards and again it has behaved impeccably! Indeed the labels are better than ever for I’ve now been able to change the font and its size. Please get this program and addressing
cards will never be a chore again.
★★★★★Great App, Great Support! by WhitIV Nov 22, 2016
A year ago, I wrote a postivie review of this app after contact with the developer. And here I am again, singing the praises of this app and its developer! I first found this app last year when searcing for a solution to a problem introduced with El Capitan, and not fixed in macOS Sierra. The problem on the Mac is with Contacts. No matter what you adjust in settings in Contacts on the Mac, address labels are printed out with last name first. I think this looks cheesy and classless when printing labels for holiday cards. Unacceptable. So I found myCardLists. It imported my Holiday Card List from Contacts, and printed just fine to my sheets of labels. Beautiful! This year, after finding that Apple had not fixed the bug in Contacts, I went to myCardLists again. But this year, I couldn’t get my Holiday Card List to display. I contacted the developer directly through the app, and within only a few hours, heard back. He and I stayed in close contact via email, and I even got to assist with the developer testing the cure. It was a matter of a very few days to arrive at the solution – which leads to this most recent update to myCardLists. What a great response, what great support, what a great app! If you’re looking for an app that will work with Contacts, and print labels that print first name first and last name last, you need this app. Highly recommended!
★★★★★Simply brilliant! by Moraymouse
I have been searching for an app to use with iPad for years. This is it! Intuitive, efficient. And there is back up help should you need it. As an “old lady” technophobe I made my way to printed labels in a few clicks. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
★★★★★Love this app by For deli Nov 13, 2016
This app does exactly what you would want it to do. Imports contacts simply, prints address labels for your envelopes, salutations can be amended really easily if you need to, it also records cards you’ve sent and received year on year. Makes the process so simple. Love it.
★★★★★Great App  by J Corvin Oct 25, 2016
II love this app. I use it for every holiday! Easy and quick–it imports from my address book. I would recommend this for anyone who sends cards.
★★★★★Best time timesaver app ever invented by Rdoxley Sept 09, 2016
I had to edit my contacts so the label would come out correctly, but other than that this is a perfect app for printing address labels
★★★★★Awesome by OIF August 27, 2016
Just what I was looking for
★★★★★Best Label App by Patricia 0212 July 14, 2016
Love this app and ease of use. I just wish you could import an image to add personality to your labels
★★★★★This is a power productive app by Traveler Randy May 22, 2016
It did time time to set up my Christmas card list, but that’s because some of my contacts didn’t have addresses. But this Christmas will be a piece of cake. Since it is linked to my contacts, those family members who moved this year will be correct when I print the mailing labels
★★★★★Well impressed! by Pgm17 April 15, 2016
I have used ms Access for many years but always found it time consuming to get printing right and fiddly to input and edit data. This app is just so easy and useful not only for Christmas card printing but also for easy access to data on the move. I rate this as 100%.
★★★★★An absolutely Brilliant App by CraftyDIYfun April 05, 2016
This will save me so much time! I have just recreated two past lists and my approaching Mothers Day List. It was intuitive, easy and just 1,2,3!brilliant. 1) One just marks addresses in their Contacts for importing, 2) change the “name” to read the way you want on the card’s first line once they are imported*, 3)!make sure your recipients have addresses under their name in your phone contacts (some of mine did not!). Plus: You can even make a General List then edit the name to whatever. I created a General List and changed it to Mothers Day. Swipe left to delete recipients if you duplicate or change your mind. 4) Backup is easy and fast to Dropbox (thanks!) i have not printed labels yet but am confident it will be just as easy-peasy.
★★★★★Excellent by EKU69  March 18, 2016
I needed a way to print labels for our family reunion and I just could not get the program I was using to work. My wife found this app and I have been pleased ever since. The labels printed easily and other lists were made by importing from Contacts and adding others manually. I could not be happier. Plus, when I did encounter a problem, which really was not due to the app, the developer took the time to answer my questions without hesitation. Simple to use and works as advertised…I recommend this app to anyone needing to create and print address labels.
★★★★★Wedding addresses by Wedding again Mar 10, 2016
This app is great! Was able to make categories for my daughter’s wedding to quickly make save the date labels, names for the seating chart….I am not done yet! Thanks for making it so easy that I can type the addresses as the groom’s parents send them (or friends and family). Please advertise on weddingwire and theknot websites! I could have used this on my other daughter’s wedding last year! Great find!
★★★★★John M by Jmartin112 Feb 19, 2016
Great App,worth the Price. Must have for iPad if you do not have Microsoft Word.
★★★★★Easy-Peasey / Super-useful & tracks the obligatory snail mailing too by OrbiLee Feb 14, 2016
This one is great to quickly pull up snail mailing contact data instantaneously while other apps n things are open & running. The primary benefit is to track obligatory snail mailing for events, occasions, holidays… whatever. Allows for short background notes on the recipient… such as a child’s birth date, house pet name etc. Has check-offs for when the item is written, stamped & sealed and another check-off when it’s actually been mailed. This is way useful when you are busy enough to have to “start and stop” any mailing operation and don’t want the embarrassment of omitting or double-sending, plus having a send (or not) status to report on the fly to anyone else teaming up with you on the same send project. It’s a clean & easy app to update and jump in and out of in a split second. Works 4 me w/o drama and answers one of those little side needs.
★★★★★Great App by Britishmum24 Feb 01, 2016
Made sending cards so much easier
★★★★★Addresses by Aunty nono Jan 31, 2016
I love this app, not just for Christmas but for all addresses at anytime for whatever reason ?
★★★★Great app! by maubeck Jan 27, 2016
Easy to load names from your address book or add new ones. Haven’t tried printing yet.
★★★★★Love it! by HRStitcher Jan 10, 2016
This app did just what I wanted it to do for our card list. What was nice is that I could mark some address as written and mailed and my husband could come behind me to do his cards which were not marked. Great app!
★★★★★So happy to have this app by Themarjs Jan 09, 2016
I’m glad to have found this app. –It has a live link to your address book, so when you make changes on your phone, iPad or computer it automatically changes on MyCardList. –Easy to use on multiple devices. –Best: within the app you can change the name of the address and have the address be to The Smith Family. And there is a note area to add individual names and info you want to remember. –Keeps track of your Sents and Receiveds –If you want you can print a hard copy that is neat and easy to read. Haven’t used the label printing, so can’t comment on that.
★★★★★Easy to use by Meditatingmonkey Jan 03, 2016
Wonderful app! Works very easily. I have struggled every year separating out about 300 addresses for Christmas cards from my contact list of about 1900. This app allowed me to do it quickly and simply- which I’ve never experienced before with label creating software. My only trouble was that I could not AirPrint to my Mac connected computer. I tried to instal Printopia to my computer, but still couldn’t print directly from my phone. However, this app allows you to email the list- which I could easily do and then print from my computer. Well worth the 99 cents.
★★★★★Helps Traditions Live On by worldofmel Dec 29, 2015
This is my second year using this app and I absolutely love it. It has made this holiday card deal far less painless. I do have an idea to consider. If there is a way to flag to get a new address that would be great. I have many friends who move a lot. I currently flag it by just marking it as written but if there could be a separate flag and group it til fixed that would be great. Still, love the app as is too.
★★★★★Avoids Apple Contacts tedium by elvis4prez Dec 29, 2015
I was going bonkers trying to get my Christmas list to print labels First Last since Apple Contacts kept insisting on doing it Last First that looked bad. The only workaround was this or the tedium of changing the presentation of my contacts to First Last one by one (couldn’t select all) and then after printing going back and switching everything again. This was worth the 99c to do that alone. I’ll see if it may help with other lists and printing but I already got my money worth. You are smarter than Apple program as far as I’m concerned!
★★★★★Great App! by Brandi's Dad Dec 27, 2015
I use this app every year for my Christmas cards. It provides a good send/receive list as well as addresses.
★★★★★Amazing app by Mustangallie Dec 26, 2015
So pleased with this app! It made printing my baby shower invitations so easy! I added all the addresses and printed directly to my mobile capability printer. Simple and fast! App worked perfectly and the labels looked great!
★★★★★Excellent Card App by Indy Bob Dec 24, 2015
This card app is the best first one that has worked to perfection for labels with Christmas cards. Only suggestions it took me awhile to find the directions for the app, but once I found those everything was answered and it is the best!!!!
★★★★★Merry Christmas! by Apple Pi & Ice Cream Dec 24, 2015
Thank you so much for making Christmas cards a pleasure to send and a snap to print. App allows you to record sent cards and received cards. Add addresses from your contacts list easily or enter manually which is a plus if you send cards to those not in your contacts list and don’t need the names & addresses in your contacts list. Looking forward to a return label app from this developer.
★★★★★Just Brilliant! by Mrs 50 shades of Grey 😉 Dec 22,2 2015
Does exactly what you want and need it to. Great little app!
★★★★★Excellent by Norman40 Dec 22, 2015
Does just what it says on the tin. Simple yet impressive. It could be helped on the next update if you could add names every time the plus is lit and not have to keep going back to the card list and then add names.
★★★★★Outstanding! by Hikercycler Dec 22,2015
This is a great app! In 30 minutes I set up our Christmas list (~60 names). I especially like two features. 1) If the names come from your contacts app the address is linked. When you change the address in your contacts list it automatically updates in this app. 2) If the name in your contacts is “Fred Smith” and you want the address label to say “Fred Smith and Family” the app allows you to make this change without changing the name in your contacts list.
★★★★★Merry Christmas by SJD-59 Dec 22, 2015
Like this app very much. Keeps all my cards sent and received together and I don’t have to do a new list every year. Great the addresses are there as well, so no need to switch apps. Bringing a list from previous year doesn’t always bring the previous cards sent on a few names.
★★★★★MyCardList by Rebecca In Richland Dec 21, 2015
This app is wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s saved me from having to write 100 addresses on my Christmas cards this year! Plus I was able to print return Address labels as well. Easy to navigate, I like being able to change the font and the color of the font as well. This one is a winner!
★★★★★Love It by Why mess with it?Dec 20,2015
I try to do everything from my phone. I love being able to print labels from my contacts! I use it with the GROUPS app which I also love!
★★★★★Brilliant! by Ajay61 Dec 19, 2015
I have used labels before for my Xmas Cards but they seem to have got into a printing ‘state’ so my expectations were very low for the app managing to align address to the label parameters – however the app works like a dream. I use PC Line labels (from Staples) 3×7. Thank you Developers! PS the labels can be taken on Holidays for postcards too
★★★★Easy & simple! by SuBassDec 16, 2015
Who needs an app that adds to the stress of sending cards? Not me! This app actually makes it easier! The only reason that I gave it four stars as opposed to five is that I think there is some room for improvement. There is very little practically no instruction on how to use the app & what some of the icons mean, so a help section or intro would be nice. That said, it is rather intuitive, so it can be figured out in a matter of minutes.
★★★★★Very good app by Philpy27 Dec 16,2015
I’ve tried other label printing apps but this one beats the lot.
★★★★★Fantastic App!!! by Javince Dec 15,2015
Keeps my card list organized and up to date, on my iPad and desktop. Easy to update addresses and keeps track of sent and received, so happy I’m organized this year.
★★★★★Great app… by Kryskrash Dec 15,2015
Works great on the new iPhone 6a plus
★★★★★Excellent by Andyvr Dec 14,2015
So, so good. Am recommending to all my family and friends.
★★★★★Exactly what I needed! by JenKraLaw Dec 14,2015
This made sending out cards so easy!
★★★★★A.Smith by Ali7499 Dec 13, 2015
Great app. Printed out labels in no time. Wish I’d used it a few years ago.
★★★★★Love love love by bijslim Dec 12, 2015
this app! So easy to use. Like that there is a Sent feature and Received feature. Would highly recommend this app.
★★★★★Simply brilliant! by MoraymouseDec 12, 2015
I have been searching for an app to use with iPad for years. This is it! Intuitive, efficient. And there is back up help should you need it. As an “old lady” technophobe I made my way to printed labels in a few clicks. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
★★★★★Awesome app, super easy by Thegnhthtd Dec 12, 2015
Printed 200 labels from my iPhone contacts in minutes. So intuitive.
★★★★★Awesome App! by Twing1819 Dec 11, 2015
Has all my card information in one area. Uploads from contacts without any problems, you pick the addresses that you want or you can select all. You can manually add lists and contacts. Works great with AirPrint. When you change an address in your contacts list it updates in the app automatically. Love it!!
★★★★★Finally an answer to printing Christmas Card labels!! by Vtharp6322 Dec 11, 2015
I was a bit skeptics of the little app at first but it REALLY worked perfectly! I was a long time Word user & loved my Access database that allowed me to make & print address labels for Christmas cards every year. When I purchased my new iMac last November I assumed that with all the great features of course printing customized address labels would be a snap. Boy was I wrong! Since I was still learning the iMac last year, I cheated & printed my labels on my old pc & figured I had a year to figure it out on my new shiny iMac. After updating all my contact info & creating a “Christmas Card” group I was so frustrated that it would not let me use a different merge field like Mr. & Mrs. John Smith & Family from my John Smith contact. After spending literally hours reading blogs & reviews online I certainly was not the only person severely frustrated that this seemingly simply task could not be done. I figured there must be a way to do this. I stumbled on this app by just searching the App Store for label printing. For a dollar it has restored my faith in Apple. It imported my “Christmas Card” group from my Contacts & allowed me to set up the names & addresses however I liked. Plus editing the font & color. I AirPrinted the finished list from my iPhone straight to my printer. I did run into a little trouble when it came to printing the actual labels. Each time I would do a test print on plain paper it worked perfectly but when I put the label paper in the printer & tried to AirPrint it again my printer recognize it did not have plain paper in the cassette & gave me an error message. I couldn’t figure out how to change the setting within AirPrint. What did work was just emailing the pdf file to myself & printing the file. This worked the first try. Now my labels look perfect & this task will be one less stress next Christmas. Thanks for making a great product!! Sorry this is so long, but I’m sure there are many others out there trying to figure this out & for 99 cents here is the answer.
★★★★★works great and it’s free! by cocoka1 Dec 11, 2015
second year using this app and it is the best option for holiday cards. the developer is nice and responsive. the features have worked well for me. some features are not super intuitive but I have always figured it out and been happy. I hope it continues to be developed and supported – I’ll definitely use it again. Thanks!
★★★★★Superb by pjrcarman Dec 11,2015
After years of mail merge using excel and word, an app that is so easy it knocks the competition into a cocked hat. I can’t recommend it more fulsomely.
★★★★★Best and EASIEST app EVER!! by browneyegirls Dec 10, 2015
I tried using the Avery app for 3 HOURS!!! Never did work and I paid $5 for that stupid app. I had looked at this one before and came back to it. I had originally dismissed it because the Avery app had hundreds of good reviews and this one only had 15 good reviews. I am sorry I did that, however I am happy that I came back to it to try and within 15 minutes I had my labels printed!!!!! AMAZING AND THANK YOU!
★★★★★Good AND free by drwhoexpress  Dec 10, 2015
This app has a nice, simple interface for noting who has sent cards and who you’ve sent them to. Only complaint is that the addresses are a bit too simple and don’t include emails.
★★★★★A MUST FOR CHRISTMAS by Phil Lister  Dec 8, 2015
This APP did exactly what I wanted. Easy to import addresses from the contact list. If you don’t like the top line of the address you can easily customise it for the particular label run. (e.g. Change Mr G Smith to Mr and Mrs G Smith and family). Very useful at Christmas.
★★★★★First Class Program by Spikesdad47 Dec 8, 2015
I used to keep my a Christmas card list on an Access database on my laptop, which printed labels. It was a right pain to design and use. However this app does everything the Access database did but does it much better. It is just so easy to use I would recommend it to anybody who wants to keep a card list and print address labels.
★★★★★Fantastic by Gadgets4u2 Dec 8, 2015
Fantastic little app. Sending Christmas cards will now be a joy and not a chore. No spelling errors. No more trying to read an address written on a coloured envelope. Easy to edit if you need to change say “John Smith ” to “John Smith and family ” Can’t praise it enough.
★★★★★Great App, Great Support! by WhitIV Dec 7, 2015
Now that I and others are having trouble printing address labels with El Capitan, I went searching for other solutions. I landed on myCardLists, and am pleased that I did. The app imported my Christmas Card List directly from Contacts, put the names in the correct order (first name followed by last name), and printed perfectly aligned on my Avery labels, 30 to a sheet. I did have one minor issue. The app had a problem with multiple entries with the same name, i.e. The Smith Family or The Jones Family. I asked the developer for assistance, and I received a timely response, and we worked out the issue together. What more could you want from a 99 cent app? I am very happy with myCardLists.
★★★★★My Card List by Mryterry01 Dec 7, 2015
I have used this app for 3 years now and I would hate to have to do my Christmas cards without it! I have looked at others, but none compared to this one. Love it. I send lots of cards each year, between 80-100. The address label printing option works wonderfully too. Thank you for helping me stay organized with my cards!
★★★★★Brilliant by Chris6424 Dec 5, 2015
Exactly what I needed, so quick and easy to use 🙂
★★★★★Great card app by Alchemist608 Dec 5, 2015
Love the way it works. Linked to contacts with ease. Able to not only have multiple years of Christmas card lists, if you send Easter cards or other holidays, you can create separate lists. Better than the paper list we used to use, and easier than firing up the PC.
★★★★★Awesome app! by WrenBee Dec 2, 2015
This is the second year I’ve used it and I love it! Sooooo handy! Definitely makes things really easy. Love the ability to print mailing labels. I just wish I got back half as many Christmas cards as I send!
★★★★★Best app of its kind by Christian Boyce Dec 1, 2015
Used to be, we had our contacts on our Macs or PCs, and we’d print our address labels from those machines. Back then, our iPhones and iPads were secondary devices and we’d never think of printing from them. Nowadays, iPhones and iPads are not only primary devices, but in many cases our ONLY devices, and in those cases, if one wants to generate mailing labels, it has to be done directly from the iPhone (or iPad). myCardLists is the app that lets you do it. It’s better than Avery’s own app by far and it keeps getting better because the developer keeps adding features. The one feature I really wanted— the ability to read and use the Contacts app’s “Groups”— is a great addition to the app and it works perfectly. The app can print directly to a networked printer, and it can create a PDF of labels which you can email to someone (so they can print it for you). The developer is very helpful and welcomes suggestions. In my experience he has been very responsive.
★★★★★Great app by Silcma Dec 1, 2015
Use for my Christmas card list for 4 years so far. Love it. Makes it nice and easy with the addresses.
★★★★★Mr by Sugared Nov 29, 2015
Brilliant app and so easy to use and set up. Wish I had it last Christmas.
★★★★★Brilliant and so simple to use! by Hellie & Francesca Nov 29, 2015
Brilliant, simple and quick – encountered a slight issue with printing, but received a rapid response and actually my misunderstanding. Christmas card writing will be a pleasure this year!
★★★★★Mrs by Jersey penny Nov 24, 2015
Great app and easy to use even for me , saved so much time .
★★★★★Absolutely brilliant! by Meagrely Nov 24, 2015
A really neat & useful app. Very easy to use, but developer’s website has step-by-step instructions.
★★★★★Brilliant buy by Beardless Nov 23, 2015
As a senior, non technical person I found this app really easy to use. Also very easy to edit & amend names & addresses from previous year. Would thoroughly recommend this app.
★★★★★Fantastic by Grannies Lynn Nov 20, 2015
At last a card list that is extremely easy to use, works from your contacts, easy to print onto labels. So so easy FANTASTIC
★★★★★Love it. by ShrimprakNov 20th, 2015
This app is great, easy to use. I am thrilled, the labels were so easy for me to print. You can either type the addresses in manually or load from contacts list. Very pleased.
★★★★★Superb purchase by Tonroon Nov 19, 2015
Bought this app and being a Non technical guy thought I would encounter problems getting it ready for printing my cards and labels. Nothing could be further from the truth! The instructions were crystal clear and easy to apply and the end result is excellent cards and address labels being printed. For the minimal price this is a 5-star buy and a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.
★★★★★Making a great app even better! by Lainiesp Nov 18th, 2015
Some excellent changes this year, which makes this app so user friendly. Thank you.