Easy as Pie! ★★★★★by Kady Mock – Version – 4.06 – Dec 7, 2014

“I love this app. It is easy as pie! This is a “no frills” way to easily print address labels for your Christmas cards. There are no fancy designs, etc. The app imported my selected addresses from my “contacts” in my ipad. You must first allow Dropbox to have access to your ipad contacts but I was able to do that easily. Prior to buying this app, I had tried 2 other apps to make my labels and wow! What frustration! Too complicated. For 99 cents, this app was so easy. If I can do it, you can too.”

Great App! ★★★★★by Tammy in VA – Version – 4.06 – Nov 23, 2014
“I love this app! I’ve been looking for a good way to manage my Christmas card list for years & I believe I’ve finally found it! I used the app to print address labels & it worked perfectly. Highly recommend it!”

Love this app ★★★★★by For deli – Version – 4.06 -Nov 07, 2014
“This app does exactly what you would want it do. Imports contacts simply, prints address labels for your envelopes, salutations can be amended really easily if you need to, it also records cards you’ve sent and received year on year. Makes the process so simple. Love it.”

Excellent easy to use app ★★★★★by Happy card writer – Version – 4.06 – Dec 8, 2014
“Does exactly what you could ask of a Christmas card app – other than write the cards for you! Easy to use list preparation from your phone contacts, label printing and recording. So glad I came across this app!”

Fantastic app!!! ★★★★★by Marjorie Blaine – Version – 4.06 – Nov 4, 2014
“This has been and continues to be my favorite app for organization of my card lists, especially Christmas. I’ve used it for three years now after searching for and trying others that just didn’t do what this app does. The connection to my Contacts is seamless and I love how it allows one to mark “send” and “receive” to track exactly who cards were sent to or received from. Bye bye manual Christmas card list because the mycardlist app is the best! And the developer is extremely customer service oriented. I had a question and he responded immediately!”

A Brilliant Card App ★★★★★by Glen Taylor – Version – 4.06 – Dec 11, 2014
“I have been looking for this type of app for years. This is so good and so easy to use. It does everything that I want to do and so quickly and efficiently. Brilliant!”

Brilliant App which does exactly what it says, and very easy to use ★★★★★by kkatirin – Version – 4.06 – Dec 9, 2014
“This is a great app. Perfect for producing address labels for Christmas cards.”

Really good ★★★★★ by capeldewi – Version – 4.06 – Dec 8, 2014
“I don’t often leave reviews but, this app is good. At first I thought, because it was so simple, that it would not be of any use but, within 4 minutes I had printed out all my Christmas contact labels.”

Merry Christmas  ★★★★★ by SJD-59 – Version – 4.06 – Nov 3, 2014
“Like this app very much. Keeps all my cards sent and received together and I don’t have to do a new list every year. Great the addresses are there as well, so no need to switch apps.”

Perfect ★★★★★by Hen honcho – Version – 4.06 – Dec 11, 2014
“Exactly what I was looking for to keep track of who I sent cards to previously, and who sent me cards. Easy to use, love it.”

First Class Program ★★★★★ by Spikesdad47 – Version – 4.06 – Nov 2, 2014
“I used to keep my a Christmas card list on an Access database on my laptop, which printed labels. It was a right pain to design and use. However this app does everything the Access database did but does it much better. It is just so easy to use I would recommend it to anybody who wants to keep a card list and print address labels.”

Get this program ★★★★★ by Stambrom – Version 4.06 – Oct 17, 2014
“This is a superb program and does what it says simply and efficiently. It’s worth reading the instructions on the web site though it is pretty intuitive. The developer also responds promptly to emailed suggestions for improvements. Importing from Contacts works well and amendments are instantly carried through. I used it last year and my Christmas cards had never been sent out so early! Now it has been updated and improved. Do get it. You won’t be disappointed!”

CHRISTMAS CARDS SORTED ★★★★★ by rrrrockon – Version – 4.06 – Oct 22, 2014
“This app provides the perfect way to simplify printing labels for Christmas cards and any bulk postings such as party or wedding invites, family announcements, etc. I received immediate support after an initial enquiry regarding printing. To ensure successful label printing ensure your printer settings are correct. This app will come in handy year after year.”

Great card list ★★★★★by sthamikat – Version – 4.06 – Dec 7, 2014
“I’ve used it for 2 years and it works great. My card list and addresses are in one place. Very easy to use.”

Excellent ★★★★★ by Vkitten – Version – 4.06 – Dec 1, 2014
“Really useful app. Developer responds to emails. Syncs well between devices. Really pleased with it”

Great way to organize your Christmas card list! ★★★★★ by Benny benson – Version – 4.06 – Dec 1, 2014
“This app is a perfect way to keep track of your Christmas card list. Just what I was looking for.”

Very good ★★★★★by JJ@CSP – Version – 4.06 – Nov 27, 2014
“This is a very good, easy to use app especially for those Christmas address labels.”

A Great App’ ★★★★★by Michael Cadwgan – Version – 4.06 – Nov 25, 2014
“This app’ is superb – I’ve been looking for a simple easy to use app’ for Mac and this certainly fits the bill. No complications – it does what it says and easy to understand.”

Best App for Christmas Cards ★★★★★ by FabHairStylist – Version 3.302 – Dec 22, 2013
“I love everything about this app!!! Would highly recommend buying!!”

Good Purchase ★★★★by Hildafreir – Version – 4.06 – Dec 10, 2014
“Really pleased with this app, easy to use and just what I was looking for. Had a small problem with printing labels, but good advice had already been posted on how this could be resolved and once read it worked fine. Thoroughly recommend.”

Awesome app!! ★★★★★ by Javadoggy – Version 3.301 – Dec 3, 2013
“I hate addressing my Christmas cards. This app made it very easy to make labels from my iPad. It synced with my contacts list and was easy to edit the names on the labels. I don’t have a printer that works with my iPad yet, so I really appreciated having the capability to send them as a PDF to my email address. I’m not usually good at taking the time to rate apps, but this one saved me a ton of time so I thought it was the least I could do. The app is awesome, but if you ever did an update it would be nice to be able to change the color of the font. Thanks again for the wonderful app and I look forward to using it again next year.”

Brilliant ★★★★★ by wmskir2 – Version – 4.06 – Dec 8, 2014
“Just downloaded this app as its that time of year and it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve never been so organised with my cards!”

Great ★★★★by suzieqmassage – Version – 4.06 – Dec 8, 2014
“Love the ease of having one place for my addresses!”

Elegant, Effective, and Useful App! ★★★★ by Robert Cibulskis – Version 3.301 – Dec 3, 2013
“myCardLists delivers an extremely effective way to manage card lists which in my view means the ability to easily compose lists from your Contacts, get the labels printed, and keep track of the cards you received and those you sent! Add the ability to manually enter list members, assign nicknames, select from multiple addresses, intelligent handling the country portion of the address, accommodate a large range of label types, AirPrint directly or produce a PDF of the labels, clone new lists from exisiting lists, all wrapped in a visually pleasing interface…. Winner! I love spending 99 cents and getting and app that focuses on only doing a few things, and does them very well!”

Brilliant ★★★★★ by jeremyriches – Version 3.302 – Dec 15, 2013
“I downloaded two other apps to print labels, including the one from Avery which was shockingly bad. This app, however, is nothing short of brilliant, easy to use and printing sensible labels. Good luck with this app, guys, it deserves to do well”

Great time saver after initial set up ★★★★★ by JIbbleBobbaFetBadger – Version 3.302 – Dec 21, 2013
“I bought this for Christmas 2012 and thought it was OK but it took a bit of setting up with contacts and addresses – I put these in manually as I didn’t want the app looking at my address book. Now it is set up though, Christmas 2013 was a breeze. Whole card list and printed address labels all done in less than a minute. Excellent.”

Only app for card lists! ★★★★★ by Postlady82 – Version 3.11 – Dec 6, 2012
“Bought this app last Christmas, and developer has improved it so much this Christmas! Very easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Very happy with it.

Works perfectly! Love it! ★★★★★ by Dollymama4 – Version 3.302 – Dec 22, 2013
“I admit, I was skeptical that this app would work. I had just tried the Avery app, which was very user unfriendly, and it had failed miserably. I was pleasantly surprised to find that MyCardList works very well. The numbers, for example, 10×3, refer to how many rows by how many rows. 10×3 means 10 rows down by three rows across. Printing worked flawlessly and though you cannot choose your font, the font that automatically prints is beautiful and easy to read. I love how this app has streamlined addressing my Christmas cards!! Thank you!!”

Just what I needed by  ★★★★ by ck_chickenhead – Version 3.302 – Aug 02 2014
“App worked quite well for me for birth announcements. I would like to see some basic instructions imbed in the app however it was quite intuitive and I was able to figure it out. Like the interface with my contacts and ability to change contact info altogether or just for purpose if address label itself. App couldn’t pick up my air printer for some reason but was easy to email PDF to myself and print. Thanks.”