Using HP Smart as a workaround to iOS 17 Scaling Issue

It looks like iOS 17 has introduced a problem with printing pdf files in that it scales the file down. For most people, this is probably not a big issue, but with Address Labels this is disastrous! It will result in the label text no longer fitting inside the labels. The situation gets worse as you go down the labels sheet.

One possible workaround is to do the printing via the HP Smart app. This should work with HP Printers. I have heard a suggestion that it would also work with Epson printers but cannot confirm this.

Ensure the printer is ready to print with paper loaded.

Then install HP Smart (free app) on your device. Sign in to your HP Account if you have one – open an account if not.

Rather than Airprinting your labels file, tap the Share button and then email the file to your own email address. Open the email on your iOS device, and save the attached pdf file to Files.

Open the HP Smart app. If you have used HP Smart before, you should see your printer at the top. If not, you will see:

Adding Printer to HP Smart

If necessary, tap on Add Your First Printer, then either set up a new printer, or tap on Finish to add one already on the network. Once your printer is seen, tap on it to select it.

Your printer should now show at top of screen.

Tap the View & Print button in the bottom button bar, then tap All Files, and find the file you emailed earlier – most likely in Recents.

Read the following two steps before carrying them out as the second must be done quickly.

First tap on the Print Preview button. When the preview appears, for a few seconds you will see a black button – Select to Transfom at the top of the Preview. You must tap this button before it disappears. If you fail to tap it on time, tap the back button, and Print Preview again. In the following screen, tap the Resize & More button at the bottom of the screen.

When I first tried this, at this stage I got the following screen:

I actually had not loaded the printer with paper at that point. I loaded the paper and repeated the last 2 steps but got the same result. I restarted the HP Smart app and went through the above steps again. This time, I got the correct screen when I tapped the Resize & More button.

Tap the Original Size button on the bottom-left, and then Done at the top-right.

Then tap Print at the bottom. Hopefully this will result in a successful print.

When I tried it in the UK with my printer, the paper size showed correctly (for my labels) as A4. You might need to change this yourself to Letter if printing a Letter sheet of labels.